Finding Energy to Recharge Your Battery

Episode 64: Finding Energy to Recharge Your Battery
Guest: Debbie Pokornik

Welcome back to the Women Rocking Wall Street Show. This week’s show is all about reconnecting with our feminine energy and to empower ourselves to live a vibrant and powerful life.

My guest this week is Debbie Pokornik, a women of many talents. She is a mother, natural health nut, dedicated dog owner, award-winning author and a passionate social worker. Debbie is also the Chief Empowerment Officer for her company Empowering NRG, which helps proactive moms create the vibrant and powerful life that they crave by guiding them to stand in their own power while at home, work or at play.

Debbie’s began her career working for school districts and helping them create programs for kids, parents, teachers and the community, with the purpose of bringing out the best in everyone. Debbie left in 2010 to write her first book, Break Free of Parenting Pressures: Embrace Your Natural Guidance and from there she wrote another book, Standing in Your Power: A Guide for Living Your Life Fully Awake.

Today, Debbie focuses on helping moms learn to recharge their batteries, which is necessary to live a vibrant and powerful life. When talking about a balanced person, Debbie highlights two types of energy that exist in everyone – divine masculine and divine feminine energy. While most of us associate each with a specific gender, Debbie say to think of them as an operating system, both pieces are equally important to both genders. When society perceives the feminine energy as weak, it actually weakens society as a whole because according to Debbie, the feminine energy is what recharges our batteries.

The key to success is finding time to reconnect with your divine feminine energy. Even if you think that you don’t have the time, it’s identifying those pleasurable moments that we experience each day and really focusing on that moment. The more you focus on them, the easier it becomes to notice those little moments rather than focusing on the difficult times. Also, make the time to get out in nature, which is a great way to reconnect with your feminine energy.

If you would like to learn more about Debbie, be sure to check out her podcast, Vibrant, Powerful Moms. Thanks for listening. If you liked what you heard, be sure to hit subscribe, share it with others and write us a quick review on iTunes.