Surviving the Overwired World

Episode 61 – Surviving the Overwired World
With Sheri Fitts

Happy summer! As you may know, with the summer season comes a lot of activities that fill up the calendar. I’m finding the same this year so as a result I’m going to be releasing an episode of Women Rocking Wall Street every other week. My intention is to kick off a new podcast, Deconstructing Digital, which is a companion piece to my new book, Deconstructing Digital: Simple Ways To Connect With Your Next-Generation Financial Clients.

This week’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street is another interview where the microphone is turned around (metaphorically speaking) and I am the one being asked questions by Kristin Mountain, co-founder of Podcast SMARTER. This episode is all about surviving the overwired world.

There are so many dif fervent distractions that we can choose from that affect our decisions on how we should be spending our time. As a result, we tend to run into digital overload, all because we don’t want to miss out on anything. This dilemma has created the term “life hacking” and there are several online tools that can create efficiencies in our personal and work life, making us more productive. One tool is focus@will, a program that plays music developed and edited to elicit alpha brains waves. Another similar online tool that allows you to pick which brain waves you want to elicit is called Brainwaves. Not only will it allow you to be focused and alert, but it has settings that encourage power naps, mediation and relaxation.

While there are many tools that can help you survive the overwired world, there are still some very basic things that you can do. Meditation can help reset your thoughts and help center you for your day. It doesn’t have to consist of sitting in a room quietly but could also be getting out into nature and going for a walk while taking deep breaths and taking a personal moment to unwind. If you are interested in getting more comfortable with meditating, there are two online tools that I use, Calm and HeadSpace.

The most important thing when surviving the overwired world is doing what is right for you. If you can identify what is holding you back or taking up most of your time, then you can find the tools that will help.

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