Women and The NASDAQ

Episode 31: Women and The NASDAQ
Guest: Maureen Lowe

Just imagine the sense of achievement you would feel if you were asked to ring The NASDAQ Opening bell. That’s what my guest this week had the opportunity to do. Maureen Lowe is the President and Founder of Financial Technologies Forum (FTF), a media company for Wall Street, which provides content, specifically for people and companies that drive the post-trading processing industry.

While she has grown a successful business, which has gained enough notice that she and her team were asked to ring The NASDAQ bell, Maureen still faces challenges because she is a woman on Wall Street. Over the years, she has developed a thick skin and has worked at building up her confidence around being a successful businesswoman within the financial industry.

Being a female entrepreneur on Wall Street is challenging, but Maureen has proven that it is possible. When asked what advice she would give to her 27-year-old self, Maureen says, “there will be tough times. You need to have failure and experience mistakes because that’s where you’re going to learn and grow.” She also recommends not to be afraid of failing, not to be so hard on yourself and to celebrate all the successes. Women can and are succeeding each and every day.

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