Time to Get In the Game

Special Guest:
Pat Roque

Get In the Game

Pat Roque is never one to shy away from a challenge. In college, she took on four internships—back when internships weren’t even a thing. By age 24, she founded her own company, Business Boomers, which helps business professionals find success through marketing, promotions and events. And eventually she found a very interesting niche—Golf For Business Bootcamps. These training courses cover everything from learning golf etiquette, to volunteering at golf events, to making connections on the course. Pat has found a unique career helping people feel comfortable around a sport that affords opportunities to not only make business connections, but also raise money for charity.

From a birdie to a bogie, Pat makes it her mission to teach the fundamentals of golf. Like etiquette at a dinner party, the game of golf requires certain manners that can help golfers not only enjoy the game for the sportsmanship, but also for the potential business connections they can make on the links. As Pat says, it’s about learning to be comfortable in the country club and on the course. It’s also about setting a foundation of credibility on the course that can get people interested in the game and also help them in the business world. Remember that it’s never too late to learn something new. Reinvent yourself!

For more information about Pat’s services, contact her by email at pat@thebusinessboomer.com, phone at (973) 809-4445, Facebook under “Business Boomers”, or on her website at thebusinessboomer.com. You can also take a peak at her FB page for the Golf Bootcamp.

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Also coming up March 9 is the Women in Pensions Network (WiPN) Networking Event in San Francisco, where I’ll be presenting “Surviving in an Over Wired World.” Head on over to the registration page to learn more.

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