Speak Up, Step Up, Make it Happen with Minda Harts and Christine Brown-Quinn

Episode 88: Speak Up, Step Up, Make it Happen with Minda Harts and Christine Brown-Quinn

This episode we have two wonderful guests, Minda Harts and Christine Brown-Quinn. Both discussing career advice!

Minda is the CEO of The Memo LLC, a career development platform for women of color. She’s also the best-selling author of, “The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know To Secure A Seat at the Table”. Minda says that success is not a solo sport, you have to build your squad. It all boils down to relationship building and how to articulate your value all while quantifying your worth.

Christine Brown-Quinn is a best-selling author of “Step Aside Superwoman” and “Unlock Your Career Success”. Christine believes she’s a better mother, partner, sister, and daughter because of her career. These are life skills that teach you how to progress a career and enjoy a personal life. 

Tune in to hear career advice on steroids and how you can up-level you! 

A few highlights: 

Minda’s Interview 

12:10: The shocking wage gap that women face of between $0.48 – $0.79 cents on the dollar.

15:35: How success is not a solo sport and the critical importance of relationship building.

18:23: Why you must define your narrative and articulate your value.


Christine’s Interview

36:50: Why self-promotion is essential and the downsides of staying hidden.

37:39: The 10 unwritten rules to a successful career.

43:46: Why you should cherish challenging conversations (a personal story).

47:47: How during the new virtual reality given COVID-19, women can make a conscious effort to nurture relationships with their manager and stakeholders.


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Christine Brown-Quinn

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