See Do Get

Episode 20: See Do Get
Guest: Catherine Plano

Have you ever despised a boss and found yourself expending energy thinking about it? Well, Catherine Plano—this week’s guest on Women Rocking Wall Street—wants you to remember this: Whatever you focus on will grow. Catherine is an executive coach, life coach and founder of the I Am Woman Project, a program designed to help women realize their purpose, power and potential. On this week’s episode, she shares techniques for finding purpose, as well as tips for changing our mindset rather than our environment.

The “bad boss” case is a common one, in which Catherine advises clients to think of one good thing that can help them connect with their supervisors. If your boss is a mother like you, for example, you can focus on how kind she might act at home with her children. Even if you decide to find a new job, at least you’ve become more positive about the situation.  Remember that change starts within. So often, people want to change their partners or their environment, but it just doesn’t work.

On this episode, Catherine also offers tips for finding purpose. Connecting with purpose can help you understand what you really should be doing, and help you discover your passion. To set your purpose, Catherine suggests asking yourself questions such as:

  • Why am I here?
  • What do I want to be?
  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to have?

Finding purpose is important for men and women alike, but women in particular tend to neglect finding their purpose because they are so focused on caring for friends and family. This selflessness can cause them to lose sight of who they are and want they want in life. “I think we are born mothers … even if we are not mothers,” she says. “We are born to help and nurture other people.”

I hope you enjoy this episode of Women Rocking Wall Street. To learn more about Catherine’s coaching business, the I Am Woman Project, or the magazine, visit Quantum Co-Creation, I Am Woman Project, I Am Woman magazine, and Catherine Plano.

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