Say What You Mean

Episode 9: Say What You Mean
Special Guest: Susan Weiner

Did you know the average employee spends about 28 percent of the workweek managing their inbox? Writing and reading emails takes a lot of time! Think of all the hours you’d save and the ways your business relationships would improve if everyone said what they needed—quickly and clearly. That’s why I’ve invited Susan Weiner to chat with us in this week’s podcast about the link between effective email communication and business success. Susan is a prolific editorial contributor who’s built a successful career through writing and editing articles and commentary for investment and wealth management firms. She also has a fabulous Investment Writing Blog and even wrote a book about financial blogging. (Sign up for her newsletter to receive her free e-book, “Investment Writing Top Tips.”) On this week’s episode, Susan walks us through some great tips for improving our emails, from targeted subject lines to summary sentences. As Susan says, a great email subject line is like an airport landing strip—without one, you have to survey the entire area to find a spot to land.

By appealing to the reader’s interest and quickly summarizing the action needed, communication and efficiency will improve. Not only does this save everyone time, but it also creates a more positive work environment. When we all understand each other, business runs smoother.

Be sure to tune in next week, when I invite Constance Freedman, managing director of Second Century Ventures, to speak with us about nailing your niche.

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