Rocking a TED Talk

Episode 21: Rocking a TED Talk
Guest: Cathey Armillas

On the latest episode of Women Rocking Wall Street, I’ve invited expert marketing strategist Cathey Armillas to share the elements of a successful TED Talk. Cathey has created an audio coaching program, “How to Rock a TED Talk,” where she covers how to get invited to a Talk, as well as how to prepare and deliver it. The tactics Cathey presents can be applied not just to TED Talks, but also on a larger scale for corporate communications.

From having a universal theme to providing supporting evidence, Cathey talks us through how to be an effective presenter. Imagine you’re pitching an idea at work—rather than just focusing on convincing your own department, think about how the concept will benefit departments across the board. How do you get everyone behind your idea?

No matter where or what you’re presenting, it all goes back to the TED Talk format. It’s about finding a useful idea and supporting it with data, whether it’s for an ad campaign, a presentation to your team, or any idea at work. It’s about appealing to both logic and emotion.

And for those interested in being invited to a TED Talk, Cathey says to remember that everyone has a good idea; it’s about uncovering that idea by asking yourself questions like:  “What was the most traumatizing experience in your life?”

“Who has been the biggest teacher in your life?”
“When have you felt most at peace?”

I hope you enjoy this episode and it encourages you to find your next idea!

For more information about Cathey and her audio program, visit and And check out her favorite TED Talk of all time with Ash Beckham, who discusses empathy and openness.

And be sure to check out Cathey’s own TED Talk about how helping others can bring happiness. Oh yes! And here are links to the super treats she’s given to the Women Rocking Wall Street crew:

Stay tuned for next week’s episode with guest Andrea Waltz, co-author of the best-selling book “Go For No!”

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