Playing a Bigger Game

Episode 27: Playing a Bigger Game
Guest: Sheri Fitts featured on the podcast The Startup Sessions

Welcome back! I hope you’re having a great summer and enjoying the warm weather. I wanted to switch things up this week and provide you with some insight into who I am as a person, business owner, and woman rocking Wall Street.

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of being a guest on my dear friend Michael Knouse’s podcast, The Startup Sessions. Michael is a business coach, unconventional startup strategist and entrepreneur who not so long ago was selling software solutions to corporate clients. Knowing that he hand-selects his show guests based on their experience creating their own meaningful businesses, I was honored that he approached me to share my experience with ShoeFitts Marketing.

On this episode, Michael and I dig into some of the challenges that hold many women entrepreneurs back, including setting appropriate rates for services. Are you afraid to raise your rates because you believe it will hurt your chances of successfully getting clients? If so, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, this misconception could be harming your business by undervaluing your services. It’s important to remember that what you’re providing is valuable, and your clients want to pay for quality! My advice to Michael’s listeners, and to you during this episode is simple – don’t over-complicate it, just raise your rates.

If your entrepreneurial spirit is strong, but you’re struggling to propel your business forward, I hope this episode will provide insight into managing your numbers and helping your business play a bigger game.

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