Nothing Can Stop Her!

Michelle Duval: From Fatal Diagnosis to Renowned Coaching Business

On today’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street, I have the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Duval, founder of Equlibrio International. Michelle is a woman who has found success in a variety of roles including coach, speaker, writer and survivor. Inspired by her self-treatment of two autoimmune diseases that doctors diagnosed as fatal in 2003, Michelle travels around the world speaking about her discoveries in integral healing. Through collaboration with a colleague, she was able to identify actions that worsened her symptoms and within five years was miraculously declared cured.

Michelle has applied the same wisdom she learned about her health to success in business and leadership. She specializes in studying the motivations and attitudes of entrepreneurs and has found several interesting differences between men and women in the workplace. Among the most notable is that women are generally more patient than men and seek more external motivation, or approval from others. Unfortunately, these tendencies can lead to inaction and ultimately lost opportunities in their careers. On this episode, Michelle will share lots of tasty tidbits about changing our brains’ thought patterns to build pathways to workplace success.

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing Michelle’s story and tips for success. Let me know what you think of today’s episode in the comments section below.

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