Let’s Get to 30%

Special Guest:
Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane

Episode 14: Let’s Get to 30%

Welcome back! On this week’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street, I’ve invited Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane to speak about the Thirty Percent Coalition. I first heard about Charlotte in an article and was so excited to learn more about this organization, which was formed to encourage gender diversity in boardrooms.

The Thirty Percent Coalition has several committees, including Institutional Investor, Corporate Leaders and Public Sector Initiatives. The Institutional Investor committee is the most active and has sent letters—signed by state treasurers and institutional investors—to major public companies that do not have women on their boards. The impact of these letters has been profound, with about 20% of these companies adding women to their boards.

Meanwhile, the Corporate Leaders committee encourages CEOs and board chairs to also add more women to their boards, and the Public Sector Initiatives works with government and public officials to aid the efforts of gender diversity. Such great stuff!

Charlotte says the Thirty Percent Coalition enjoys a diverse membership base, in which every member is dedicated to making the mission possible. Although it’s going to be hard work to reach 30% in the next couple years, Charlotte says interest in the idea is definitely growing.

Once boards start looking at the gaps they need to fill, they will see that adding women is a wise business decision. I encourage everyone to examine their boards’ diversity. You can also look at your retirement plan investments and determine whether you are supporting funds from companies that embrace gender diversity. Ask yourself if you’re invested in organizations that align with your personal mission.

The Thirty Percent Coalition has a list of members and resources that may be of interest to women who want to learn more about these issues. These women are actively involved in coaching and working with women. Dr. Solange Charas, president of Charas Consulting, is an individual member of the Thirty Percent Coalition and happens to be next week’s guest on the Women Rocking Wall Street podcast. For more information about the Thirty Percent Coalition, you can also call 561.395.4581 or email Charlotte at clo@30percentcoalition.org. Stay tuned next week for Solange’s insights on getting along in business, versus getting ahead.

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