Go For No!

Episode 21: Go For No!
Guest: Andrea Waltz

Hello, and welcome back! How are things with you? I hope you’re well and enjoying some nice, warm weather, wherever you are. On this week’s episode ofWomen Rocking Wall Street, I have the pleasure of chatting with Andrea Waltz, co-author of the best-selling book “Go For No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.” Andrea wrote the book with Richard Fenton, and together they own Courage Crafters Inc.

Today she’ll teach us all about the Go For No concept, which is based around letting go of the fear of rejection. Whether you are going for a raise or trying to get a new client, you’ll never hear a yes unless you conquer the fear of hearing no. In fact, when you overcome this fear of no, the yeses that you do receive will likely be grander in scale. It may seem strange to intentionally increase your failure rate, but in reality, it’s a sign that you’re really putting yourself out there and taking chances!

I encourage all of you to try hearing no for even just a week. Once you’ve gotten used to the idea, work your way up to a 30-day challenge. As Andrea says, practicing Go For No can be as simple as asking the restaurant waiter if you can move to another table closer to the window. See how many nos you can collect!

Imagine what your professional and personal life would look like if you decided to take a chance each day and put yourself out there. Think about how it would feel to embrace rejection with open arms and recognize it as a sign that you’re on the verge of something courageous and bold.

Here’s a preview of the five levels of failure, which Andrea explains on this episode:

  1. the ability to fail
  2. the willingness to fail
  3. the “wantingness” to fail
  4. failing bigger and faster
  5. failing exponentially

I hope you enjoy Andrea’s insights and they inspire you to face your fear of failure! To learn more about Go For No, visit Andrea and Richard’s website, or the book link on Amazon.

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