Finding Your Inner Rockstar

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Women Rocking Wall Street! I’m excited to bring this podcast to all women working in finance, or those who are thinking about joining the ranks. Did you know women only represent about 30% of jobs in financial services? We need more women. We need you. My hope through this podcast is to help women find their inner rock stars so they can feel confident about pursuing a job in a male-dominated field. This isn’t about putting men down to elevate ourselves or blaming anyone for the gender disparity in finance—it’s about empowering women and helping them pave the way for success.

In each weekly episode, I’ll be interviewing some “kick aspiration” women who will share their experience and provide lots of good tips for surviving and thriving in the financial industry. As I launch this podcast, I’m reminded of a lovely quote from Jack Canfield: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Let’s get to the other side and see how much we can achieve!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episodes, as well as requests for speakers and topics. Feel free to leave any comments below. Enjoy!

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