Finance, Fashion and Feminism

Episode 71: Finance, Fashion and Feminism
Guest: Charlene Quaresma

Although she’s a financial planner, she’s not your typical financial planner. Charlene never dreamed of working in this industry. In fact, she never imagined she’d land in the world of investments and long-term planning. Charlene considers herself an artist destined to a life of sales. Starting at age 16, she’s been in commission retail. In fact, she started her career as a sales manager at a lingerie boutique. This is where she discovered the powerful link between money and emotion, passion and vulnerability. From a real-estate agent to making a Fox News parody television show and selling home theatre equipment to selling cars, she’s done it all. Charlene has now been a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual for seven years. She’s a first-generation American whose Portuguese parents taught her about the value of hard work and planning at a young age. She graduated early from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Consumer and Social Psychology. Charlene’s bread and butter is that she works primarily with creatives and millennials. She aims to get individuals to dream bigger. She’s always pursued with the “I’m going to be better than you” mentality, despite gender or differences.


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Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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