Confidence is Contagious

Confidence isn’t in our DNA—it’s something we learn. Talk about a great piece of advice from Tracy Hooper, founder of The Confidence Project, who’s here on today’s episode to teach us all about exuding more assuredness. Tracy’s background is interesting to say the least, with experience in TV reporting, voice-over work and hotel management. All the skills she learned from these jobs were critical to The Confidence Project, she says.

Today she’s offering us some of her best tips for being more confident and, in turn, positively affecting our professional and personal lives. This is especially important for women, as there seems to be a considerable gender gap when it comes to confidence. Even things as seemingly small as improving our posture and body language can have a big effect on our confidence and ultimately on our workplace success. As Tracy says, there’s a reason Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk about power poses is the second most-watched TED talk segment of all time, with 20 million viewers.

If you enjoyed today’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street or have suggestions for future topics, please let me know in comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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